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Doing Good Everyday

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All you need to know about #womxnswednesday, upcoming events, and our survey!

We're tryin' somethin' new!

Hey there beneficent babes,
  We're on our way to living a bigger, better #WomxnsWednesday life by working towards having a larger impact on the nonprofits we love supporting AND to give you more ease in knowing that ANYTIME you shop with us, it's contributing to a local nonprofit. To that end, we'll be giving 2% of ALL our sales to one nonprofit each month. 2% sounds like a super-small number, even though for us it is a big deal--so we looked up some numbers on charitable giving for major corporations and the median giving for Fortune 500 companies is 1% (of profits), so possibly anywhere under 1% of total revenue (check out more info here). When we give, regardless of whether it's a percentage of total sales or "profits"--which, in terms of giving, we define specifically as income above cost of goods sold and we disregard our other two major costs, labor and rent--we're often giving against our better judgment as business owners.  In order to maintain our giving, we often adjust our own incomes and spending in order to cover the cost of charitable giving. It is that important to us. It's also really important to us to share information about nonprofits you may have never heard about. We hope some of our customers continue to support the nonprofits we support by volunteering or giving monthly. Please let us know if you have questions about our giving and suggestions for nonprofits we should be supporting!

In conjunction with our giving, we really wanted to keep Womxn's Wednesdays going strong! To that end, we'll be supporting some of our favorite businesses owned by female-identified folks by giving away a gift certificate to a featured business every Wednesday. Purchasers on Wednesdays who join or are already in our customer database will be entered into a raffle to win. We can't think of a better way to support some of our inspiring colleagues in the small business world.  

This month we'll be donating 2% of our sales to Lambert House in honor of Pride Month. They're in the middle of a capital campaign to buy a permanent home and we encourage you to find out more and support this organization if you're able to! In addition, if you make a purchase tomorrow, we're kicking off our new #womxnswednesdays with a $50 gift certificate to Velouria! We promise to start featuring other folks, we're just flying by the seat of our high waisted, wide legged pants most days ;)

Cat & Chika

We are thrilled to be teaming up with Christine Guillot of Merchant Method for some customer-focused workshops on supporting local businesses! Sign up for any of the events this summer here. We'll be hosting on June 30th and July 15th but we're sort of smitten with Molly's space over at The Carrot Flower Company, so we won't hold it against you if you sign up for one of the other dates ;)

We're always trying to make the experience of shopping at Velouria delightful and inspiring and we would LOVE to have your input in order to serve you better. If you haven't already, fill out this survey for 10% off your next purchase and if you're up for a more in-depth interview, volunteer for a chance at a $150 gift certificate! 

Womxn's Wednesdays at Velouria

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Muses Fundraiser: April 12th

What's up sweet things?  
We're waaaay into giving back these days and are pairing up with Muses for Womxn's Wednesdays during the entire month of April! Stop by tomorrow or shop online and 20% of profits from your purchase will go directly to Muses! Not familiar with Muses? They're an apparel production training house dedicated to serving immigrant and refugee communities right here in Seattle. If you're as smitten with this idea as we are, you can find out more about them over here. We'll see you cuties tomorrow!

Cat & Chika

What else are we up to?

We're Hiring!!

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Sales Position Velouria

At Velouria, we pride ourselves on being inclusive and approachable.  We offer a warm and friendly environment to every single person who walks through our doors.  We impress our customers with our attention, presence, thoughtfulness, and positive energy!

We are looking for a customer associate with the following traits:

-Outgoing.  You love a chance to talk to someone new and you are an attentive listener as well.

-Passionate. You love independent design and quality-made goods.

-Quick.  You are able to prioritize tasks on the fly and understand that the customer is always first!

-Driven.  You see a task that needs doing and you take the initiative to complete it.

-Emotionally intuitive.  You can read people well and can anticipate customers' needs.


A sample of tasks our customer associates perform:

-Greeting and attending to customers

-Assessing customers' needs through thoughtful questioning

-Making appropriate jewelry and clothing recommendations as well as suggesting gift ideas

-Maintaining a clean, presentable, and inviting shop through dusting, cleaning, straightening and plant care

-Maintaining the merchandising vision with swift restocks and product rotation

-Steaming and tagging new merchandise

If this sounds like a good fit, please send your resume and a cover letter to Cat and Chika at by October 24th and write Customer Associate Fall 2016 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!