It happened!

We reopened shop about a month ago and lived to tell about it!

Thanks to the help and encouragement of many MANY thoughtful friends, family, designers, and customers - we survived the long days and late nights together.  Our first month in Pioneer Square has been wonderful! We've experienced so much support and enthusiasm from folks that live and/or work in the neighborhood. And we're so pleased to get to share all our favorite designers with a fresh crowd of soon-to-be fans!

Thank you for staying tuned while we update our webshop with some great Fall/Winter arrivals.

xoxo Velouria

Putting it together...

We're currently in the thick of planning our big move to Pioneer Square and wrestling with decisions about the interesting stuff - fixtures, floor plan, paint colors, lighting, carrying even more jewelry?! And the boring stuff I won't get into, because I'll either fall asleep or break into a cold sweat.

I heard an episode of Song Exploder, a new-ish podcast, the other day that took me back to the time when we made our first & biggest changes to the shop. We closed for a week (which felt crazy to do at the time!) in late September 2012 to paint the walls and (very high) ceilings and install new fixtures. It was a huge job, but we were fortunate to receive help from our very skilled and generous friends. I (Chika) felt particularly useless since I was caring for my newborn son at the time, so my contributions were limited to fetching pizza & coffee, and sewing curtains while everyone else GOT IT DONE.

And we were playing Nite Jewel on repeat. 

We love learning about how the clothing and goods we carry at Velouria are made. Any insight into a designer's process or views of their work space, we absorb eagerly and try to pass onto our customers. So I wanted to share this podcast I've been enjoying that does just that, but with music, and this episode in particular that reminds me that it all comes together eventually.