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Featured Artist: Lisa Congdon

Isabelle Grizzard Robertson

We are happy to announce Lisa Congdon will be our featured artist for
June's Ballard Artwalk at Velouria!
Lisa is a self taught artist from San Francisco who creates mixed media designs that are simply stunning. She uses her lack of training as an advantage in her work, following her own logic in color composition and design.

We asked Lisa a few questions about her new series, Wondermountain, and here's what she had to say:

Where did your concept and ideas for Wondermountain Spry from?

I had begun recently to invent an imaginary place in my mind and so I began to translate it into my artwork. This body of work will continue into a very large solo show I am having in Milwaukee in December. I will be making my first large, three dimensional installation and it will be called "Life in Wondermountain."

(Wondermountain Birch Grove)

How did you settle on your choice of colors for this series?

I usually settle on a color palette for any of my bodies of work by laying our paper of various colors and then selecting about 5-8 major colors. I usually limit myself to these colors and variation of them for the duration of the time I work on a specific project, like Wondermountain. My use of color is very important in my work.

How do you stay motivated to produce so much great work?

I get plenty of rest, swim everyday, spend lots of time with other creative people, eat good food and drink good wine, don't work a boring job that zaps my energy, allow my imagination to take over, and believe rules can be broken.

(Wondermountain Sisters)

Currently, what are some of your favorite mediums?

I have always considered myself a mixed media artist, and truly that's what I am. But lately I am really into straight-up gouache painting on really flat panels.

What are some of your favorite sources for inspiration?

Old, old photographs, vintage objects, the natural world (both microscopic to enormous stuff in it), old bones and antlers and fossils, making up stories, and working with defined palettes of color.

For more information on Lisa and her artwork, please visit

Join us for Ballard Art Walk on
Saturday June 14th from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
for the
opening reception to Wondermountain
By Lisa Congdon.