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Tonight at Velouria!

Isabelle Grizzard Robertson

It's getting close to Valentine's Day and the shop is overflowing with all kinds of love! Stop in, say hi, and let us help you figure out the perfect gift for your sweetheart or best friend. It's also Ballard Artwalk this Saturday (February 11th) and we are really excited to be showcasing local designer Birna Sigurbjornsdottir's ethereal jewelry and the mystical paintings of Natalia Czajkiewicz.

Birna's jewelry gives you the sense that each piece was borne from the depths of the sea, "dipped in silver, and splattered with pearls and gemstones to symbolize the chaotic storm of beauty that is nature.”

Natalia Czajkiewicz's paintings are "explorations of a dream state. Space, magic, and time are woven throughout these new works to create haunting vignettes. Layered, textured backgrounds made of geometric patterns create a web of detail, while mystical women rich in symbolism seem to guard a universe of her own creation."

Be sure to stop by between 6 and 9 PM this Saturday to check out these lovely ladies' work and nibble on a cookie or two. It's also a great time to do your Valentine's Day shopping....

Hope to see you here!