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The Latest from Dove's Real Beauty Campaign

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The latest video from Dove's Real Beauty Campaign is admittedly touching.  It's a cool idea!  But it still maintains focus on our appearance as an overarching value and stays within the dichotomies of fat=bad/thin=good, light=good/dark=bad, etc.  We at Velouria definitely struggle with these tiny boxes that society has made for us in terms of buying for the shop as well as in our personal lives.  Watch the video.  Tell us what you think.  Read this and this for some of the criticisms of Dove's campaign.  When asked to describe yourself, what do you describe first?  Looks? Humor? Intelligence? Thoughtfulness? Athletic prowess?  

As a side note, it takes all I have as a style-lovin' lady to not tell little girls they look great, but it is a small, first step in creating a world wherein a woman's looks aren't her most valuable asset. (Not that one shouldn't compliment rad little girls!  But how about commenting on strength, intelligence, ingenuity, ability to kick really high....)  For more info on that train of thought, I recommend reading this thoughtful article.