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Cat's Fall Faves

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Every season, Chika and I pick and choose our favorite styles from each collection that our designers' have produced. We choose 6 months ahead of delivery and we have to balance those things that we love the most for ourselves, what will sell, and what we love but may be a little on the crazy side (case in point, this season, we got a totally nuts unicorn print--coming soon to the online shop.) It's always great to be reintroduced to these goods when they finally arrive, and often our thoughts have shifted just a bit in terms of what we thought would be our favorites and what ACTUALLY are our favorites. This week, I'm gonna share 5 of my favorite Fall Clothing pieces in the shop right now and WHY:

1, 2, and 3. Brulee Surry Jeans by Raleigh Denim Workshop, $198.75, California Tailor Shirt No. 2, $188.75, and Notting Coat by Allison Wonderland, $298.75

Brulee Jeans: Why I love them? They're NEUTRAL in this very statement-y way. The rich rust color goes with everything. Don't believe me? Try it with pink! Black looks rad. Indigo is amazing with these. Navy is a no-brainer. Seriously, it's hard to find a color that doesn't work with these. And we stand by the quality and durability of this denim: our whole crew has these and they don't stretch out!

Shirt No. 2: This is the softest cotton flannel, perfectly oversized (meaning not TOO oversized), and I love this navy and purple stripe even more next to those rich-colored jeans! I'm also obsessed with casual clothes that make you look put-together because they are made so beautifully and thoughtfully. Between the fabric, the pocket details, and the side-hem contrast fabric, you can tell this shirt has been lovingly made and that looks pretty good!

Notting Coat: Perfect coat for everyday but can also go to the ballet or the opera when you need it to! I'm a big fan of having ONE coat that works in a variety of situations. This one is classic, has the aforementioned attention to detail and that camel brown is perfect!

4. Jardin Dress by VARSHA, $298.75

This dress by Seattle-based designer Varsha Agarwhal is so perfectly pretty! These dresses are meant as everyday businesswear, but as a shop owner, my "business" needs are a little different. Regardless, I still think this is a stunning workhorse of a dress, year-round. Though it has some strong spring vibes, I like the element of surprise in dressing it up for Fall, plus the palette really has a vintage fall feel to it. Dress it up for holiday parties with marigold accents or some deep rich reds (shoes, jewelry, cardigan/wrap). Pull on a sweater for a separates look and then, when April rolls around, shed those layers and add it to your wedding wardrobe rotation. I love a dress with multiple uses that is visually stunning AND everyday appropriate.

5.  The Cleo Wrap Top by Ursa Minor, $178.75

The Cleo Wrap is a cleverly designed top and I love how simple it looks. Full disclosure: I own this one and wear it all the time, and get compliments on it everywhere I go. There are some tops that come along that have what I like to call "the white t-shirt affect." You're wearing this super basic thing, but with just the right details to make it wearable for less casual occasions on top of being noticeably different from what everyone else is wearing. In that way, this top feels like the epitome of "effortless style" wherein the effort has gone into design and all you have to do is pull it out of your closet and wear it. EASY.