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An Interview with Ella Ordona

Shop Velouria

This month at Velouria we have a show curated by the online gallery space, The Blush Room. Hannah, our events coordinator has asked some of the artists included in the show a few questions about their work & art practice. First up, Ella Ordona! 

 Garden I, 2014, Ella Ordona

Garden I, 2014, Ella Ordona

Velouria: How did you come to find photography/ what first attracted you to it?

Ella Ordona: I started photographing in high school but then came to really appreciate it during parties and social gatherings. I didn't have much formal training and started photographing friends and our lives as we were just hanging out, and every time I got images back from the lab, it was surprising to see this perfect encapsulation of a moment that was even beyond what I had anticipated. There would be things that I hadn't noticed at the time of capture: patterns, colors, even body language and facial expressions. 

 Seattle, June 2013, Ella Ordona

Seattle, June 2013, Ella Ordona

V: Describe your process, do you have any specific rituals or routines?

EO: Over time, I've moved towards more anticipatory rather than reactionary work and go through a process of brainstorming, journaling and collection. For each project, I keep these separate handmade journals and scribble initial ideas and sketches. Color is a huge part of my work, so I'm constantly playing around with that. Finally, I do this sort of intuitive collection of objects that are somehow tied to these images. I'll pick flowers and dry them or take posters and flyers off of walls. A lot of refrigerator and pantry space is dedicated to these cans of soda and juice that somehow remind me of the images I'm making. 

My images are often reworked and I find myself being drawn to the same materials in my photographs again and again - last year, I was really obsessed with tin foil and it kept reappearing in my work.

 Birthday Party II, 2014, Ella Ordona

Birthday Party II, 2014, Ella Ordona

V: Who are some artists/designers/writers/makers who inspire you?

EO: Right now, I'm super into Neon Saltwater, TUF, Satpreet Kahlon, Una Blue, Ashley Armitage. I just saw this exhibit in Vancouver by Bharti Kher that floored me.

V: If you could spend the day with one artist past or present who would it be? 

EO: This one's way too hard to answer since I feel like this changes on a daily basis. Today, it's Meriem Bennani. 

 Garden II, 2014, Ella Ordona

Garden II, 2014, Ella Ordona

Thanks to Ella for sharing a little about her work, we're excited to see more!  Be sure to stop by and see Ella's work, it's up until the end of August. You can also find her on Instagram @ella0 and on the web at