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Ostara Earrings


Jewelry at Velouria is handmade by designers in the US and Canada with a focus on independent makers in the Pacific Northwest!

Ostara Earrings


Ostara Earrings

from 62.00

The Ostara earrings are brass with cut-out geometric shapes, a hand-hammered finish, with gold-fill ear wires. They measure approximately 2" long. Also available in sterling silver.

Nikki Jacoby is a Seattle-based jewelry designer whose line is characterized by intricate cutouts and hand-hammered finishes. She specializes in bold pieces, often incorporating moving parts for show-stopping statement pieces. We are head-over-heels for her latest line of arm cuffs and hair combs. If you’re in Seattle, don’t be surprised when someone stops you on the street to exclaim, “You’re wearing Nikki’s earrings!”  

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