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Lumière Rose Body Oil 2 Oz.

Skincare + Haircare

Lumière Rose Body Oil 2 Oz.

french girl organics + rose body oil + velouria.jpg
french girl organics + rose body oil + velouria.jpg

Lumière Rose Body Oil 2 Oz.


We love this as an all-over moisturizer--especially in the winter months! Gentle, nut-oil free, vegan with 90% Organic or Wildcrafted ingredients.

To use: Apply in smooth sweeping motions to body, beginning at the feet, working upward in circular motions. Please keep out of eyes and mouth. For use in the bath, fill tub with water first, since the running water will dissipate the essential oils too quickly. After settling into the bath, add one pump or more, swish around, relax and enjoy! 
NOTE:Take care, because the base of organic carrier oils will make the tub slippery.

We love botanical ingredients, but we recommend that you consult a health care practitioner if you have any concerns about whether this product may be right for you or are pregnant or nursing. French Girl Organics does not prescribe any treatment, nor diagnose any condition, since we offer our products as cosmetics only. 

Made in Seattle by French Girl Organics

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