Lavender + Frankincense Whipped Balm

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This silky smooth Tallow Whipped balm is a luxuriously soothing way to nourish dry and damaged skin. Its naturally-rich levels of skin-nourishing vitamins A, D, K and E make it a superior product for all skin types, young and old. 

Lavender + Frankincense: Young/Sensitive Skin
For the wee babes and tender skinned, this blend brings together the anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory powers of lavender and frankincense to create and soothing and calming balm. We use half the amount of essential oils in this blend making it safe for all ages. 

Ingredients: Grass-fed Tallow, Organic Rosehip Seed oil, therapeutic grade essential oils (Lavender and Frankincense).

Made in Bellingham, WA by Render Skincare.

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