Cat & Chika's Guide to Pioneer Square

Not to brag or anything, but our neighborhood is such a good place for a December day trip! We've got so many spots to eat, drink, and discover delightful things: You can gift shop for everyone on your list AND treat yourself to a fun day out in the city. Plus, all the lights and historic buildings will make you feel like you wandered into a holiday movie!

If you're far away or can't make it down, almost all of our picks also have online stores & gift cards, so you can show Pioneer Square some long-distance love or encourage your Seattle-based pals to visit.

Step 1: Do some surprise-me gift shopping!

Start your day off with these curated shops, full of delightful things that you didn't even know you were looking for:

Step 2: Pause for snacks.

  • Warm yourself up with a latte or keep it chill with a shrub soda over at Elm Coffee Roasters...then sign up your coffee-fiend friend for a monthly subscription!
  • Swing by our neighbors at Cone & Steiner if you just want a quick treat. We highly recommend these little pretzel bites. While you're there, you can also grab everything you need for a last-minute charcuterie board.
  • Wanna take a seat? Stop at D&E for lunch and don't forget to order a side of the world's best french fries. 

Step 3: Polish off your shopping list. 

If you've got some major checking-off to do, head to these guaranteed-win shopsand when in doubt, grab a gift card! 

  • Stop by Arundel Books for any and all reading material (plus the experience of roaming through a magical bookstore.)
  • Dry Goods Design is the perfect gift stop the crafty people in your life--and if you're the crafty person in your life, this shop has the materials for your holiday projects! We're currently loving this book about mending.
  • Got some kiddos and/or family gatherings to shop for? Magic Mouse has games, toys, and puzzles for daaaays.
  • Stock up on treats from Intrigue Chocolate: Get truffle flights for your faves & a variety of artisan cocoa mixes for those last-minute host/co-worker/cousin gifting emergencies. 

Step 4: Unwind

  • Head over to J. Rinehart Gallery to bask in the inspiring atmosphere and pick out some original artwork for your walls—everything from their latest Off the Wall exhibition is $100!
  • Need a drink? Head to Locus for a wine tasting, or swing by Goodbar for a cocktail or three.
  • Treat yourself to a loaf of sourdough bread or a seasonal bouquet from London Plane to take home with you!

Cat & Chika