New to menstrual cups?

A Dot cup is a re-usable alternative to tampons that is worn in the vagina for up to 12 hours and emptied in the toilet at the end of each day. We believe the menstrual cycle is incredible and getting in touch with it is a gift. If you're anything like us, the sheer convenience, lack of leaks, landfill reduction, and cost-savings will make you wonder why you didn't discover Dot long ago. If you're new to the cup world, it might be a little strange and uncomfortable at first, but hang in there! Give it a cycle or two you're going to be telling all of your friends about it.

After no more than 12 hours or when your Dot cup feels full, push as if you're passing gas, grab the stem, and gently pull. If you meet resistance or discomfort, reach a bit higher for the base of the cup and pinch and wiggle the base as you pull downward. Pour your blood in the toilet, rinse the cup with water, and re-insert. If you're in public, it's completely fine to re-insert your cup without rinsing it, just make sure to rinse when you return home. When your period is over, wash your cup, and return it to your Dot storage pouch until next month!

Many users choose to trim down the stem of their cup due to the position of their cervix during their period. Every body is unique, so for those with a lower-positioned cervix, it is helpful to trim the stem for optimum comfort. We recommend wearing the cup for a day or two before doing any trimming because sometimes the cup adjusts to your body on its own. Never trim the stem while the cup is inside your body.