Product Care

Your new pieces were designed and made with care by independent designers. They're built to last and require a little TLC to keep 'em looking their best!


While you're wearing your jewelry, try to keep it away from moisture--sweat, lotion, rain, etc.--as much as possible. In between wearings, we recommend you do what we do at the shop: store jewelry in a plastic bag to protect it from air and moisture, and use a soft cloth to gently buff and brighten anything that looks a little duller than it used to.

We carry a few different metals in the shop, including: 

14k Goldfill, which is a thick layer of 14k gold bonded to a base metal. It's tarnish resistant, and doesn't flake off or change color. If you can wear 14k gold, you can wear 14k goldfill. 

Sterling Silver, which is an alloy of silver and a tiny bit of copper. If it starts to look dull or yellow, give it a few swipes with a jewelry polish cloth to bring back its gleam. We also carry some silver-fill pieces, which will need to be maintained in the same way as sterling silver. Like 14k gold-fill, silver-fill is a thick layer of precious metal over a base metal that won't flake off; if you can wear sterling silver, you can wear silver-fill. 

Brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass jewelry will darken and acquire its own unique patina over time. You can, of course, embrace the aged look of your piece, or brighten it up with a polish cloth. 

Oxidized Brass, which is intentionally blackened and will lose its finish if it's polished. If the finish does start to come off, don't worry! Brass can be re-oxidized by a jeweler if necessary. 


We do our best to list the care instructions for every garment we sell on its page on our webshop. We usually pull this info straight from the care tags on the inside of garments, so it's easy to reference these instructions at home, too!

Though it is best practice to follow the care instructions on the tag, we sometimes play it fast and loose at Velouria: we think many items with "hand wash" tags can be washed in a machine on low, in a delicates bag, and hung to dry. We can't totally guarantee results, but we're always happy to weigh in on washing tactics for the laundry-averse!

Unless a piece of clothing is visibly dirty or starting to smell, we recommend you wear it a few times before washing it. This practice will make your piece last longer (less wear and tear from going through the machine) and will make the environment a little happier (less water used!) 


Most tanned leather can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and conditioned with the leather conditioner of your choice.

Vegetable tanned leather will start out as a light beige and will darken to a rich tan over time. This type of leather tends to mark easily, so treat it with care and keep it away from water.  

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