Travel Tin Candles

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6 oz. tins or 8 oz. jars Hand-poured soy candles made in Seattle. 

Solstice and Forest are our two favorite holiday scents ;)


Eclipse: amber, coffee, vanilla, citrus, bergamot, ripe berry

Forest: Fir needle, balsam, rosemary, citrus, oakmoss

Mesa: Egyptian amber, sandalwood, warm spice, vanilla

Moon: rosewood, bay leaf, tobacco, cedarwood, fresh cotton

Northern Lights: Dry Champagne, crisp apple, citrus, gardenia, violet

Ozone: oakmoss, sandalwood, citrus, tonka bean, amber, musk

Volcano: Tobacco, teakwood, cherry, smoke, patchouli, spice

Valley: yuzu citrus, lemon peel, mandarin, magnolia and musk

Storm: Sea Salt, cypress, eucalyptus, rain, musk

Canyon: Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Cedar, Labdanum, Red clay 

Pacific: Seawead, Salty air, Cucumber, Driftwood, Kaffir Lime

Desert: CItrus, Cedar, Clary Sage, Rain water, Cactus bloom, Sand

Midnight: Incense, Oud, Patchouli, Smoke, Lavender, Berry                                       
Solstice:  Birchwood, Frankincense, Oud, Black Pepper, Leather, Elemi
Equinox: Ginger, Dry Leaves, Clove, Anise, Orange Peel, Mulled Cider
Fog: Orange, Bergamot, BLack Tea, Tobacco
Velouria: Olive, Green Fig, Sea Salt, Incense, White Wood

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