Wisteria Wrap

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The Wisteria Wrap is a lofty, hand knit confection you can drape, wrap, twist & tuck to keep you warm on a brisk day. Bright colors & an open, airy stitch will make you think of sunny Springtime, even in the midst of Winter.

Made of a soft blend of lambswool & acrylic, this piece can be worn in a number of ways: as a traditional scarf; as a wide, draped shoulder wrap; or twisted around your neck, the ends artfully tucked here & there to look like a cowl.

The Wisteria Wrap measures on average 70 inches long & 18 inches wide. Due to the nature of this stitch, the wrap changes shape & length depending on how you wear it. It can be gently widened to open up the stitch pattern in order to wear it as a shoulder wrap; or it can be lightly pulled from end to end to draw up the stitches & wear as a longer scarf.

Featured here in Cilantro and Denim, The Wisteria Wrap is available in limited colors. Choose a color from the dropdown menu to determine availability.  Special orders are subject to yarn availability and usually ship within 2 weeks. Remember that colors may show up differently on your computer-if you have any questions regarding a particular color, please ask! 

Yarn content: 20% lambswool, 80% acrylic

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