Closing FAQs

Read our goodbye letter for more information about why we're closing.

When is Velouria closing?

The last day to shop in-person will be May 19th. Our current store hours are Fri-Sun, 11-5pm.

The online shop will be open through May 31st. We may briefly resume selling online later in the summer, depending on inventory. 

We may have temporary webshop closures on days in May that we think might be too busy in-store to pull online orders.

What if I have a gift certificate/store credit?

The last day to use your gift certificate in person is May 19th, or online May 31st. Please contact us if you need help with redemption or need an online code.

What’s happening with rewards?

We won’t be having our usual August dividend-style rewards this year. Instead, we’ll be sending all our rewards customers a personal discount code in early May; make sure you're subscribed to our mailing list to get your code!

Are you still getting new things?

Yes, we have a little more clothing coming in throughout April! Nothing else in the shop will be restocked.

Will you be having sales?

Yes. We won’t be marking down things until mid May, so we recommend shopping earlier for better selection. Sizes/styles will not be restocked again. 

How can I support you as you close?

Shop with us, tell your friends/lovers/family members to shop with us, share our posts on social media, and come visit us in person.

Supporting us at full-price is the most helpful thing to do–our usual operating costs are not any lower just because we’re closing; our retail prices are always based on the resources we need to pay our rent, designers, and employees.

We have a tip jar at checkout or you can Venmo us @Shop-Velouria. All tips go directly to our webshop/marketing manager Ivi, to provide additional support for her during her career transition.

What if I’m sad?

Us too. We’ve loved being in your life and connecting you with our thoughtfully made pieces–and we know that it’s about more than just dresses and candles!

You’re welcome to email us a love note if you want to. We will be receiving a lot of communication throughout our closure so we may not be able to respond. 

Truly the most helpful thing to do is shop with us and/or spread the word as we close. At the end of the day, it’s extremely costly to close up a business and we don’t have any magical funding sources other than our retail store and fixture sale. Spending your dollars with us gives us the resources to pay our rent, designers, and employees. 

In general, remember to show up and patronize/recommend all your favorite small businesses whenever you can! It matters where you spend your money, and even if your fave spots seem successful from the outside, it’s impossible to really know.